Wall-Hanging Quits

Bed-size Quilts

I started making quilts shortly after my wife and I got married, inspired by her maternal Grandmother Suie Gehman Martin. I thought it would be cool to make a few crib-sized quilts together for our children, when they came along. I soon tired my wife out, and she taught me to do the basic sewing on her machine (which is now my machine!). I made about 8-10 small quilts in those first few years, and then got busy with life (and those children who id come along!)


In 2007, I decided to get myself jump-started creatively by forcing myself to put together one quilt TOP per week between Labor Day and Christmas. I furiously started creating, and some of these quilts are the result of that crazy season.


In the years since then, I have slowed down a little and make a few quilts per year in my "spare" time. I have tried experimenting with dying my own fabrics, and some nontraditional, more free-flowing designs.


This is just a rather random sampling. Many of these are currently sold or in private collections. If you have to have one of these, please inquire asap!

A few of the quilts over the years have grown to single-bed sized, and a few are more large sofa-throw sizes. I don't intentionally start out with a bed in mind, just intuitively start piecing until I have what looks right to me.


These quilts take much longer to do the quilting, and thus, are more expensive.


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