The Grantham Church Archives

For many years I was the webmaster of the Grantham BIC Church, located in Grantham, PA. One of the resources available on the website at the time was a historical glimpse into the various ministries the church supported, the ministries run in the church itself, and of course sermon texts.



Since I also organized the Arts ministries, a small archive is listed here too, of the activities of the church gallery.



Sermons of Dr. Robert B. Ives were archives starting in 1999 when the new website went live.


Sermons of Dr. Terry L. Brensinger were archived starting in 2001 and ending in 2009.


Prior to this digital archive of the sermons they were published in printed form for use by church members who wanted to send a copy of the sermon to someone who might have interest in the topic or theme, or had missed the service due to travel or illness.


Since they were already being put into word processing format, we started also posting them on-line to be more easily searched, and shared digitally, starting in 1999, the year after we moved into the current church building. A printed archive of Dr. Ives's sermons is available in the church library.


Both Dr. Ives and Dr. Brensinger's sermons were composed and typed in advance, and delivered verbally in a way that usually defied detection. Many people never knew that they were being read from a printed page, but this helped both preachers to preach the materials they wanted to cover methodically and carefully, avoiding getting lost in an anecdote ... thus they were rather easy to transfer to printed form within a week of the service itself.


It was my intention that people would be able to access these great sermons perpetually, and continue to benefit from the preaching of God's word to those who are researching a scripture, or sharing a helpful sermon with a friend.