The Grantham Church Archives

In 2012, the church moved to a new platform for hosting their web site, and these items, which I thought were of historical significance, needed a new home.


Art Gallery, a ministry I started in 2006, began with a Worship Arts Weekend and gallery exhibitions in the building. A listing of the exhibitions is here, as well as some images from the various events and artwork.


As a integral part of the worship arts ministries at the Grantham Church we operate a small art gallery in two of our classrooms. Starting with our inaugural show May 2004 as part of the first annual Worship Arts Weekend, we began an ambitious calendar of exhibitions.


The purpose of this gallery is to celebrate the creative artists’ unique contribution to the Christian community through creating images which are a thoughtful response to God, a reflection of his beauty, or meditations which are a blessing to the church.

Art sometimes helps tell those important stories, Biblical narratives or concepts, and brings a reflective or meditative perspective to ideas which permeate the life of the Christian in a fallen world.



our goal

We hope through this gallery to

  • learn to better appreciate the artists as a member of the Christian community,
  • support the artist and the art lover by providing space to show and enjoy art,
  • begin to dialogue on a more meaningful level on the issues surrounding faith and art in our culture,
  • incorporate more artistic expressions into the life of the church, its worship services and the lives of the community.


Please enjoy exploring the site, but we invite you to visit the gallery in person!


A listing of past exhibitions is below.

The first exhibition was for 2004 Worship Arts Weekend, and included artwork submitted by several Grantham Church artists.








  • May 2004

    Voices of Faith: Celebrating the Creative Spirit

    Worship Arts Weekend

  • June 2004

    Donald Forsythe: Collage

  • July-August 2004

    Naomi Paine: "ORIGINS: Moving Toward Home"

    Poems, paintings and sculptures created by Naomi Paine during and following a 30-day silent prayer retreat in November 2003.

  • September-October 2004

    Jonathan Imboden: Less Traveled Roads in America

    12,000 Miles in North America: a Desultory Study in Black & White

  • November-December 2004

     Quilts: A Warmth of Spirit

    A Community Exhibition of antique and family heirloom quilts, and their stories.

  • February-March 2005

    CIVA 20/20

    20 Years of CIVA 20 Centuries of Christians in the Visual Arts-- a limited edition of 14 framed intaglio prints by fourteen CIVA artists. (Collection of Geoffrey Isley)

  • April 2005

    Richard Neff: Plein Air

    Local Plein Air -- landscapes, still lives and plein air oil paintings

  • May 2005

    Psalms & Parables (Worship Arts Weekend)

    A Community Exhibition

    Artists included:

    Tabitha Borges

    Larry James Cronin

    Kim W. Dalton

    Rebekah DiBiase

    Fannie Ellenberg

    Geoffrey Isley

    Polly McCann

    Randy Miller III

    Philip Moore

    Bonnie Prior

    Andy Rash

    Peggy Spellman

  • June-July 2005

    Polly McCann: Sign & Symbols
    Mixed media and collage by the talented Grantham-based artist


  • August 2005

    Saints: Ancient and Modern

    A show of 6 archival intaglio engravings from the original plates from the Martyr's Mirror, and 20 images from the BIC Archives

  • November-December 2005

    Harrisburg BIC Benefit Exhibit

    A display of artworks created to raise funds for the new church building for our sister congregation in Harrisburg, PA.

  • February-April 2006

    Lenten Series: "Walk to the Cross"

    As part of our ongoing art gallery and worship arts ministry, the Grantham BIC Church Gallery is exhibiting works that focus on the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the Lenten season (i.e. Prayer Walk, The Stations of the Cross, the last Words of Christ, etc.). A primary goal of the Worship Commission is to have works of art that individuals can view as part of a spiritual discipline of prayer, reflection and meditation during the season of Lent. This season of the church year is one of repentance and renewal as we are invited to “walk the road with Jesus toward his death.” As we examine our lives, we sense anew our need of Christ and forgiveness of sin through his life-giving sacrifice.

  • May 2006

    Transformed by God's Grace

    (Worship Arts Weekend)

  • July-August 2006

    Christine Forsythe: Works With Paper

  • October 2006

    Children's Art: Prayer & Pilgrimage


  • December 2006

    William Hobbs: Water in Motion

  • December 2006-January 2007

    Sharing our Stories:

    Quilts and Handcrafts

  • February 2007

    George Bundy: Candid & Landscape Photography

    During the last ten years my photography has been requested by people. I’ve worked with Roxbury Camp, taken a lot of family photographs, and covered Messiah Village, and this led to a display at the Dauphin County Courthouse. Life has not slowed down in retirement. I have a lot of pictures to organize!

  • March 2007

    Early BIC Artists:

    A Retrospective

    The artwork of Messiah College's first art teachers: Asa Climenhaga, George Pilmlott & Ray Zercher

  • April 2007

    Worship Arts Weekend

    "The Hidden Voice of God"

  • July-August 2007

    Timothy Botts: Proverbs

  • September-October 2007

    Susan K. Getty: Seeing and Believing

    Painting, drawing, and essays depicting the artist's exploration of the relationship between sight and faith, the visible and the invisible. Susan graduated from Messiah College, with a degree in English in 1985. She returned to Messiah to attain another degree in fine arts in 2006. Artwork from her senior show will be part of this exhibition as well.

  • November-December 2007

    Seeing Advent With Fresh Eyes

  • February 2008

    Otto Dix: Matthias Evangelium

    Lithographs on the Gospel of Matthew from this German Expressionist, from the collection of Robert & Sandra Bowden.

  • March 2008

  • June-July 2008

    Geoffrey Isley:

    Photographs, 20 Years of Body Life

  • September-October 2008

    Hélene Norman: Oil Paintings


  • November-December 2008

    Seeing the Savior: Images from the Life of Christ,

    A CIVA traveling exhibition

    From the Annunciation to his Second Coming, 35 insightful and colorful interpretations of the Birth, Ministry, Passion, Ascension, and Return of the Lord are masterfully portrayed by 13 artists from a variety of artistic and ethnic backgrounds.

  • March - April 2009

    John Alan Kohan

    Survey the Wondrous Cross

    Mixed media and collage

  • May-June 2009

    Cloud of Witnesses

    100th Anniversary Archival Photos

  • July-August 2009

    Harold Nezbegay

    Culture, Christianity & Art (Navajo Perspective)

  • September-October 2009

    Andy Rash:

    See Through Me

    Mixed media collage

  • November 2009

    Natural Laws:

    The Art of Peter Mollenkof

  • December 2009

    Community Nativity Scenes Show

  • January-February 2010

    Community Student Art Show

    An Exhibition of our student artists, from age 4 to 44, including photographs, crayon sketches, constructions, and a ceramic sculpture.


    Artists Included:

    Camden Kidwell

    Cate Kidwell

    Jamie Isley

    Perry Isley

    Alex Holland

    David Stuebing

    Molly Shortridge

    Elena Rossetto

  • March-April 2010

    Tegan M. Brozyna

    In 2007, Tegan M. Brozyna completed a  B.A. in Studio Art from Messiah College. She writes, "For the past few years I have been resident of Philadelphia, PA, and since 2008 I have been an artist in residence at Olivet Covenant Church, which is also located in Philadelphia. I currently work for Ten Thousand Villages, a non-profit fair trade organization, but I am also a freelance illustrator as well as a writer for Prism Magazine, a publication of Evangelicals for Social Action.

    My desire to create and to communicate visually is rooted in my curiosity and exploration of the world around me.  Although I work in a number of media, my creativity most often manifests itself in painting and drawing."

  • April - May 2010

    Worship Arts weekend:

    Community Photographs & Stories

    We'd like to see how images tell a story -- your story. Taken on an international trip, or in your back yard, photographs reveal something of our lives. We celebrate storytelling through photography, and invite you to submit your photos for consideration in this community show.

  • June-July 2010

    Gary Karl Nauman

    Images of comfort, apathy, joy, and journey

    "I began working with linocut block prints in 1995. My work is influenced by German Expressionist prints, regionalism and outsider art, and is concerned with themes of comfort, apathy, joy, and  journey. How comfortable is too comfortable? What joys of life can we celebrate? What are we learning on our Journey?"

  • July-August 2010

    Melinda Steffy

    Collecting Stones: Minerals & Material Memory

    Philadelphia artist Melinda Steffy’s current painting/textile/objects integrate her interests in memory, mythology, alchemy, geology, molecular structure, formlessness, family history and music.  With the belief that materials retain meaning from their previous uses, items like antique lace, the spice turmeric, tarnished copper and dead ladybugs make their way into rhythmic visual compositions that consider questions of memory, the loss of memory, and the construction of systems that sustain memory.  Using the colors and forms found in actual mineral formations, as well as natural processes of tarnishing and oxidation, the abstract images also broadly address polarities of structure and formlessness, purpose and accident, particles and the void around them.  The pieces are deliberately fragmentary, brief, to give the feeling of a nearly forgotten story or a fleeting line of music. "...the poetry of Steffy’s work lies in her ability to translate philosophical concepts into visually complex and abstract compositions. The materials she chooses to use in her art-making are an integral part of the finished piece."

  • September -October 2010

    Chryysa Saj

    Christina Saj rises from a modernist tradition steeped in a vocabulary gotten from the likes of the Europeans Klee and Kandinsky. Externally, her works' main features are an overwhelming wealth of bright colors, carefree delight in decorative effects and a preference for the ornamental, merging representational and abstract elements while at the same time provocatively choosing to express the lore of icon painting. Spirituality for the artist is, here, infused with a complex stock of materials utilizing the stenciling of industrial screens (Saints and Sinners, and Jonah in the Belly of the Beast), to the repetitious applications of human skeletal parts from medical x-rays (signifying relic-like patterns linked to bygone biblical character references).

  • November 2010 - January 2011

    CIVA's "Picturing the Parables"

    The parables of Christ serve both as a fount of inspiration for the artist and a rich source of contemplation for Christians around the world. CIVA invited the submission of artwork for this new traveling exhibition. In keeping with the nature of the parable format, this show will consist of artwork that speaks the several languages of our pluralistic, contemporary culture. Employing time honored as well as non-traditional media, this show seeks to bring fresh perspectives to the familiar stories of Christ. They will represent the voices of our diverse subcultures and ethnic groups and, together, will announce the message of the good news of the Gospel story to all.









  • January-February 2011

    Eden to Eternity:

    Molas from the San Blas Islands

    The Cuna Indians live on the San Blas Archipelago off the Caribbean coast of Panama. They are politically autonomous and much of their traditional culture is intact. Within a short span of time, around 100 years, a remarkable art form, the mola, emerged and grew to full flower. The pieces in this collection are delightful interpretations of Biblical stories with whimsical treatments and tender insights. Every piece is superbly designed, reflecting a passionate love of color and overall design. The molas in this exhibition are from the collection of Sandra and Bob Bowden.

  • March-April 2011

    Community Art

    Artwork by Grantham folks this year's show included oil paintings by Susan Getty, watercolors by Lynne Cosby, quilts by Geoffrey Isley, paintings by Shirley Groff, jewelry by Richelle Dourte and a sculpture by Art Bert.

  • May-June 2011

    Exhibition: PROOF

    There are many experiences to be had when abroad. As you encounter new cultures and people, you get an enriched sense or experience of life for those in the places you have been For certain travelers, this experience becomes a thing worth documenting, processing, and now sharing with those who may wish to partake in these particular experiences with people and places near and far from home. From Nepal,to Thailand, to Israel and Guatemala, cultural and personal experiences can be seen and shared during the exhibition entitled "Proof."


    Three young artists have come together to share their "proof" with the foreign and now familiar, showing faces, lifestyle and stories for the viewer to experience for themselves.  The artists are Keith Pomeroy-Jones, and Matthew Carpenter. Curated by Matthew Coldsmith.

  • August 2011

    Nick Sider

    Nick will display some of his caricature work as well as other art he has created in the past few years.


  • September-October 2011

    Randy Groft

    This graphic artist from Lititz, PA will share his inspirational graphic design. Randy’s work has appeared in galleries from Pennsylvania to Texas to Hawaii and has hung at the White House. Owner of Groft Design, a Central Pennsylvania graphic design firm, Randy has garnered more than two hundred awards for creative excellence including features in American Corporate Identity, Art Directors’ Annual and Print Magazine.

  • November-December 2011

    Cardboard Chronicles:

    The Biblical Art of Rudolph Bostic

    Twenty-three paintings are on display from one of America’s most amazing self-taught artists. His vibrant images, rendered in enamel and house paint with a shimmering glossy finish on cardboard and his flamboyant use of color put him in a category all his own.

  • November 2011-January 2012

    Cardboard Chronicles:

    The Biblical Art of Rudolph Bostic

    Twenty-three paintings are on display from one of America’s most amazing self-taught artists. His vibrant images, rendered in enamel and house paint with a shimmering glossy finish on cardboard and his flamboyant use of color put him in a category all his own.

  • February-March 2012

    Craig Gephart

    "Finding My Way"

    Craig Gephart, resides in Grantham with his wife, Lynda, (formerly pastor of youth at the Grantham Church) and their two active sons. He writes: "I often think of myself as being on a mission to capture moments in time that will touch people’s spirits in special ways. I especially enjoy doing nature photography; listening, smelling, observing; from the small, single flower among the fallen leaves in the forest on a cool spring day, to a beautiful sunset painting a warm glow on a field of snow. It is my hope that my photos will touch people at a deeper level. Hopefully moments I have captured will prompt them to slow down, relax, ponder and, most importantly, see a glimpse of God’s presence all around us in ways they may not have seen before."



Advent 2013

Aletheia Schmidt: Spirit Come Down

Painting has allowed me to get messy with my hands and be ok with messiness in my heart. To me, art is Sabbath (life-giving, restorative, and restful). It is also connection with God, others, myself, transformative and healing. It is everything I want to be.

October 2014

Plein Air Paintings by Ralph Hocker

A lifelong Central Pennsylvanian, Ralph was born and raised in Marysville, Pa, attended Susquenita High School and now lives in the Mechanicsburg area. He had planned to become a commercial artist, but his career took a different turn.


For 30 years he worked at Dillsburg, Pa’s Duplex Products, a business forms manufacturer. About 25 years ago he took up the hobby of wood carving and became a member of the West Shore Wood Carvers. Today, his fish, wood spirits, walking sticks and other items are much sought by collectors. In 2005, he began painting with watercolors and soon after, switched to acrylics. Most of his current work is done in that medium.


Three years later, he began painting with the “Seven Lively Artists” and participating in their exhibits and events. This self-taught artist paints at the Mechanicsburg Art Center and the 3rd Street Gallery in New Cumberland.


His work features a wide array of still life subjects and the buildings and landscapes of central Pennsylvania that he paints en plein air with other local artists.

  • Spring 2015

    Community Art Exhibition

    David Owen, Gareth Owen, Susan Getty, Geoffrey Isley, Angela Wenger, Bonnie Prior, Tim Lyne, Shirley Groff

  • November 2015

    Plein Air: Peter Emerson

  • April-June 2017

    Witness to Faith: The Art of Sadao Watanabe

  • July-September 2017

    IN PROCESS: The Art of Kelle J. Alonso