T-shirt designs are a lot of fun. It involves silkscreening, which is a completely different process for printing than traditional printing press with ink and paper. I enjoy working with a colored fabric backing to the imprint, and incorporating the shirt itself into the design.


 Usually, designs for tees take a few days or a few weeks, depending on the complexity, plus about 2-3 weeks for the actual printing process. So, please plan ahead! Shirts in all the various sizes need to be ordered and delivered, the screens produced – one for each color of ink on the design – and then the shirts need to be printed by hand, one color at a time, one shirt at a time.


If you are ordering dozens of shirts, the set-up and design cost can easily be averaged into the final price to make shirts affordable as a handout OR for sale with room for your mark-up for your event or fund-raiser.


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